6 features to help you read the Quran better with Muslim Pro

Here are some tips and advice if you want to read or listen to the Quran with the Muslim Pro app.

6 features to help you read the Quran better with Muslim Pro


1- Repeat the same Suras and Ayas

You can choose to repeat the same Aya one time, three times or keep playing it again and again. It’s very useful, especially if you are learning a long Aya.

Repeat the same verse of the Quran


2- Read the phonetic transliteration

Not familiar with Arabic? Just use the transliteration available with the app. The phonetic transliteration helps you pronounce Arabic the right way.


3- Adapt the Arabic font and display

Having trouble reading the default Arabic font? You can change the size of the font as well as the Arabic font itself. It’s particularly useful when you’re new to Arabic and are still learning.

How to change the Arabic font for the Quran


4- Adapt the speed of the audio (iOS only)

You can adapt the recitation speed if the recitation is too fast (or too slow) and choose the audio speed which suits you the best.


5- Mark the verses you’ve already learnt

With the “Quran Reading Progress” you can see your progress and check which verses you’ve already learnt by marking them as “Read”. To activate the Quran reading progress mode, please go to Settings and then activate the “Reading Progress” option.

Quran reading progress with Muslim Pro


6- Navigate easily in the Quran

Swipe left or right to jump to the next and previous Suras. Need to go to another Aya? Just click on the Sura title to make the Aya navigation menu appear and easily go to the Aya you want to read.

Navigate in the Quran easily


Do you have another suggestion to help to learn the Quran? Please let us know on our online plaform.


Did you know?

Muslim Pro is the most popular Muslim app worldwide. It’s also recognised by millions of Muslims around the world as the most accurate prayer time app. The app also features the full Quran with audio recitations as well as more than 40 different translations.

Verse of the Quran Muslim Pro

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