The prayer times are different from the ones provided by my local mosque and/or religious authority

How prayer times are calculated?

Accurate prayer times are calculated based on your location as well as a set of rules and methods (including some conventional angular values).

How prayer times are calculated?
  • The application tries to automatically apply the appropriate settings for your location but you may need to modify them from the Settings screen of the application
  • If you only observe small offsets (usually plus or minus 1-10 minutes), these are probably due to preventive delays applied by most mosques and religious authorities. You may need to adjust the “Manual corrections” values for the best accuracy.
  • If you observe larger errors, you may need to modify the convention in the “Prayer Time Calculation” menu. This menu also allows you to adjust the Asr calculation and higher latitudes methods.

Please also note that errors/offsets of plus or minus one hour for all prayers are usually due to an incorrect DST setting (daylight saving time). It can be adjusted from the “Manual corrections” menu.


Automatic Settings

Please note that most of the major cities already have automatic settings in the Muslim Pro app.

How prayer times are calculatedIf your city doesn’t have auto-settings and if you still encounter some difficulties in obtaining the correct prayer times, please feel free to submit a request.

The Muslim Pro Team