Get accurate prayer times with the Now cards from the Google app

Get accurate prayer times with Muslim Pro and Google Now

Instead of searching around in a million different apps and web pages to find what you need, Now cards in the Google app can give you the right information at exactly the right time.

Today, Now cards are even more useful with the integration of new partners including Muslim Pro.

Now cards Prayer Times

When travelling, if you have the Muslim Pro app installed, you can get accurate prayer times and halal eateries at your new location.

Now cards Halal restaurants

Just tap the Google app icon on your Android device to start seeing helpful cards.


Not a Muslim Pro user yet?

With the Muslim Pro app you can get accurate prayer times as well as nearby halal places and mosques when you travel.

Muslim Pro is wrongly identifying some non-halal restaurants as halal

Download the app for Android or iPhone, it’s totally free.

The Muslim Pro Team