How to earn and use free credits

What are free credits ?

Free Credits are points that can be used to unlock additional contents which are usually reserved for Premium users.How to earn and use free credits

Such features include additional adhans, Tasbih beads and new reciters for the Quran.


How to earn free credits ?

You can earn credits by inviting friends and family members to download Muslim Pro. Simply share your invitation code with friends and ask them to redeem the code in the Muslim Pro app.

How to earn free credits ?

Once your friend have redeemed your invitation code. Both of you will get one free credit. You can invite as many friends as you want and get credit every time one of your friend or family member redeem a code.

Redeem a code

Reminder : your friend need to use your invitation code in order for you to get credits. Downloading the Muslim Pro app is not enough.

Free Credits

You can also get credits from special events organised by the Muslim Pro Team. Follow us onFacebook and Twitter to make sure you don’t miss them.


How to use free credits ?

Free credits can be used to unlock additional contents. You can therefore use free credits to

  • Get new beads for your Tasbih [1 credit each]
  • Additional adhans for the prayer calls [3 credits each]
  • Get different reciters for the audio of the Quran [5 credits each]
  • Extra background images for the Quran [3 credits each]
  • Extra dials for your Qibla [3 credits each]

How to use free credits ?

Credits are a great way to get more contents from Muslim Pro for free.

The Muslim Pro Team