What is the Muslim Pro app and where can I download it?

What is Muslim Pro?

Muslim Pro is a comprehensive islamic mobile application available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices.

Recognized by millions of Islam followers through the Muslim world as the most accurate Prayer time & Azan application on mobile devices.

What is the Muslim Pro app and where can I download it

Muslim Pro also features the full Quran with Arabic scripts, phonetics, translations and audio recitations as well as a Qibla locator, an Islamic Hijri calendar, a map of halal restaurants and Mosques,…


Main Features

  • Accurate Prayer time calculator based on your current location
  • Azan / Adhan: visual and audio notifications / calls for prayer
  • The Holy Quran (Al Qur’an) with recitations (mp3 audio), phonetics and translations
  • Halal restaurants and mosques locations around you
  • Animated Qibla compass to show you the direction to Mecca
  • Muslim calendar to estimate holy dates such as Eid-Ul-Fitr and Eid-Ul-Adha
  • 99 names of Allah and Prophet Mohammad
  • The app and the Quran are fully translated to: Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Melayu, Deutsch, English, Español, Français, Italiano, Nederlands, Português, Türkçe, العربية, اردو, русский, 简体中文, 日本語, ภาษาไทย


Where can I download Muslim Pro?

The Muslim Pro application is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices on the following online app stores:

A web version of Muslim Pro is also available at http://www.muslimpro.com

The Muslim Pro Team