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Getting Started

Getting started with Muslim Pro: Explore and discover the main features of the app in this short tutorial.

Learn how to set your location, parameter the notifications for your phone or download the right translation for your Quran. It's easy with Muslim Pro

Choose a location

1- Choose a location

Choose a location Muslim Pro needs to know your location to calculate accurate prayer times and the direction of the Qibla. You have two options to select your...
Set prayer time notifications

2- Set prayer time notifications

Set prayer time notifications Muslim Pro offers various types of notification for the call for prayer which can choose individually for each of the five prayers...
Choose a location

3- Change the prayer names

Change the prayer names You can change the prayer names in the Muslim Pro application to match the names used in your country. To change the...
Translations of the Quran Muslim Pro

4- How to read the Quran in other languages

How to read the Quran in other languages You can change the languages in which to display and read the Quran (by default, the Quran is shown...
The direction indicated by the compass is wrong

5- Explore other features

Explore other features Now that you have set your prayer time notifications and that you know how to read the Quran in your own language,...
Muslim Pro Help Center

6- Join the Community

Join the Community Need help with the app? Got a questions about the features? Ask the community for help and share tips & tricks about the Muslim...