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I have already paid but the application is asking me to pay again

I have already paid but the application is asking me to pay again

If you have already paid for the application on the same device or on a different device of the same type (another iOS device if you are currently using an iPhone or iPad, or another Android device if your new device runs Android), you do not need to pay again.

I have already paid but the application is asking me to pay again

  • Please make sure that you are using the same account (same Apple ID / iTunes account on the Apple App Store, same Gmail address / Google account on the Google Play Store and same account on the Amazon App Store).
  • If you have purchase the Premium version on a different platform (ie you bought it on your previous iPhone and are now using an Android device), you will unfortunately need to pay again as the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store are not compatible. This will apply to all your other applications as well.
  • We are not able (nor allowed) to transfer your purchase from one account to another account. If you have used a different account in the past, you will need to use this previous account in order to restore your purchase for free.


On iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

  • Delete the Muslim Pro application
  • Go to your main iOS Settings > iTunes and App Store
  • Logout from the current (new) account
  • Sign-in with your old account again
  • Re-download the Muslim Pro application from the Apple App Store
  • Run the app and use the “Restore” button on the Premium upgrade page in order to restore your previous purchase
  • Once the Premium purchase has been restored, go back to your iOS Settings > iTunes and App Store to disconnect the old account and login with your new account again.

If the above instructions work but if you keep on losing the Premium version and need to repeat this all the time.

Please note that there seems to be an issue affecting a very small number of iPhones on which some Apple identifiers keep changing and prevent the app to remember your Premium version correctly, which forces you to restore it manually with the “Already Paid” button and your iTunes credentials. This issue will be fixed in the next Muslim Pro update.


On Android devices

  • Go to your Android settings > Accounts and make add your old Google/Gmail account again if it is longer configured on your device
  • Launch the Android Play Store application and tap on the upper left menu to show the currently logged in account
  • Select the account which was used to successfully purchase the Premium version in the first place
  • Launch the Muslim Pro application and go the Premium Upgrade page (from the Settings menu). It should automatically restore your Premium version
  • If the problem persist, try to uninstall the Muslim Pro application and reinstall it from the Play Store while still using the correct account.
  • If this still doesn’t work, you may unfortunately need to remove your new account from your device in order to keep one single account, the one you have used to make the purchase. You will be able to re-add your new account once your purchase has been restored.

If the above methods do not work, you may contact payments@bitsmedia.com for additional support regarding your purchase.

The Muslim Pro Team