How to fix: The Adhan notifications are not working

Adhan notifications on iOS devices (iPhone, iPad)

In order for you to receive and hear adhan notifications from the Muslim Pro application, please make sure to:

  • Enable Muslim Pro notifications for Sounds and Alerts (or Banners) in the main Settings/Notifications menu of your device.
  1. Go to your Setting app of your iPhone/iPad and Click on Notifications
  2. Select the Muslim Pro app
  3. Make sure that the notifications are allowed (the button should be green like on the screenshot below)

How to check if the notifications are enable on iOS

  • Set the Adhan reminders for the prayers of your choice by selecting a prayer name and/or time from the Prayer Time screen of the Muslim Pro application (see how to do it here)
  • Check the volume level of your device and the position of the silence switch (the small hardware switch above the volume buttons of your device). If you are using an iPad and are using that switch for screen orientation, you may need to double-tap the home button and scroll to the left of the bottom icon bar to access the “sound/no sound” icon.

Finally, make sure you run the app at least once a week. Prayer time changes every day based on the position of the sun. We can therefore not set a recurring alarm (which would go off everyday at the same time) and need to set each Adhan separately for everyday.

Pre-programming notifications in advance uses time, memory and battery. We therefore decided to program, everytime you run the app, Adhan notifications for the next 10 days. If you run the app at least once a week, this is transparent to you.

If you have not run the app for 9 days, you should receive a notification to launch it. So if the Adhan notification has stopped working for you, just launch the app and the issue should be fixed.

Adhan notifications on Android devices

On Android, the adhan will play at the current notification volume of your device and the Quran recitations will use the media/music volume.

You may set each of these volumes by using the volume buttons of your device while pre-listening to the adhan (adhan selection page) or while listening to the Quran. Alternatively, both volumes can be set from the main Settings menu of your Android device.

If you wish to hear the adhan notifications when your device is on silence (to wake up with Fajr for exemple), you need to set the adhan to use the alarm volume instead of the notification volume. This can be done from the Settings screen of the Muslim Pro app (see screenshots below).

How to change the volume of adhan notifications

You may try the “Test adhan in 10 seconds” option from the Settings menu of the Muslim Pro application. This should generate a fake adhan after 10 seconds and allow you to test your notifications and volume.

Make sure that the “Show notifications” option is enabled in the Settings > Applications > Muslim Pro menu of your Android device.

How to enable the notifications for Muslim Pro Android

If you are not getting any notification at all or if the notifications seem unstable (some work and some don’t), please make sure that the Muslim Pro application is installed on the main memory of your device.

The Muslim Pro app reprograms adhan notifications everytime you restart your phone which requires the app to run on the main memory. If the app is installed on the external storage or SD card, adhan notifications might stop working after rebooting your device.

If you are unable to move the application back to the main memory, you can use the “Reset Notifications” feature from the “Settings” screen after every single reboot of your device.

The Adhan notifications are not working

Please also note that on Android, battery or power saving modes can affect the notifications and often result in the notification not to be displayed at all or to be displayed with a delay. Please ensure to disable the battery/power saving mode on your device to ensure that adhan notifications are received on time.

If this does not help, you may try to reinstall the app. You will of course be able to restore your premium version for free by selecting “Already Paid” on the Premium upgrade page.

The Muslim Pro Team